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  1. Catto

    Spreading the awareness by Youtube

    A lot of youth watch good reports of accutane, but they never seem to ever keep in mind the horrible effects that this poison can have on our bodies I'm asking YOU to just simply search Youtube and Type in "Accutane and post in the comments something like this...
  2. Catto

    Some Recovery/Progress - Update Log

    Love all of yall! Never give up hope, people. I hope everyone here gets back to normal! Also check out these forums, they're similar in their problems: Two more forumns to dig for info:
  3. Catto

    Some Recovery/Progress - Update Log

    Hello everybody it's been a long long time since I last posted , and I've gone through lots of changes. I've actually stopped supplementation of nootropics because I noticed for a while that it did : numbed my brain and made me more foggy. I'm now super careful with what supplements I take...
  4. Catto

    Powerful Article with tons of testimonies

    Very powerful stories, with tons of testimonies in the comments. Very useful for sharing the awareness.
  5. Catto

    You're a hero, bro! A hero! You're helping this all make sense, and tiding all of the findings...

    You're a hero, bro! A hero! You're helping this all make sense, and tiding all of the findings we have! Keep it up, man!
  6. Catto

    TREATMENT - PAS recovery using Finasteride - Possible/High Risk Option

    If I can't find a way to fix myself in the next.... let's say... 4 years? I'll give this a shot. Thanks for making me aware to this risky back-up option. You can see my concern, though. I mean, accutane already fucked me up, y'know? Hard taking gambles now, since I already lost my bet with accutane.
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    Current stack/supplements/regime

    Looks good! I hope all of this helps! Keep lookin man.
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    Spreading Awareness

    Here are a list of compilations of stories or individual stories of the lives ruined by acne. What YOU can do - Link people to these stories, compilations, or tell people how it affects you. How? Search throughout the internet, post on forums warning people. Tell people through word of mouth...
  9. Catto

    Catto's Megalist

    Just trying to make a list of certain subgroups of supplements. Maybe give some basic organization to this part of the forumn. I'm very new to all of this, just trying to make sense and document what I've heard from everybody. Feel free to help. Very MUCH WIP - Feel free to list things, along...
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    P.S. - This should be a separate subtopic group for introductions so we can establish a greater sense of how many people we got. This long thread prolly aint too neat. Hello everybody. I'm still not entirely sure I've been damaged, or the extent of my damage but I did take accutane for 4...