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  1. Dubbya_B

    Post-Drug Patient Survey Launched at Propeciahelp

    You're welcome Flynn! Anyone reading this, please participate in the survey! Apparently, there have been quite a few submissions from PFS, PSSD, and post-Lupron patients, but for some reason, very few PAS patients have completed the survey.
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    Post-Drug Patient Survey Launched at Propeciahelp

    A new post-drug patient survey has launched on This survey system was created to help characterize the condition(s) that have come to be called PFS, PAS, and PSSD, along...
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    FDA Petition to Add Sexual Side Effects to Accutane Drug Label

    Update: I spent the morning of December 21st in front of the FDA HQ with a sign that read "1/3 of Teens Reporting Sexual Side Effects Took Accutane, These Effects Can be Permanent, But the FDA Doesn't Care About Ruined Lives", so they are well aware of this issue. There seemed to be quite a few...
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    PAS Discussed in Daily Mail Article

    A victim of PAS discusses long-term depression and sexual dysfunction since he took Accutane: There are also several other recent events mentioned in the...
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    FDA Petition to Add Sexual Side Effects to Accutane Drug Label

    ...Just another plea to comment. 7 comments so far and only 3 are from US citizens. I am planning on protesting the FDA's refusal to recognize sexual side effects this winter. Please support this initiative to have sexual side effects added to the drug label in any way you can.
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    FDA Petition to Add Sexual Side Effects to Accutane Drug Label

    Thanks Flynn! No one else? Only 3 comments so far. This is a shame that barely anyone seems to care enough about getting sexual side effects recognized to bother typing-up a short message on a government website.
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    FDA Petition to Add Sexual Side Effects to Accutane Drug Label

    RxISK recently submitted a citizens petition to the FDA to add warnings of sexual side effects to the Accutane/Isotretinoin label. A copy of the petition (containing supportive data from adverse event reporting) can be found...
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    Keep alert for sexual side effects from Lexapro. It is known to cause PSSD. I had a drastic worsening of anorgasmia and numbness while taking sertraline (another SSRI), but luckily, the effects went away after I stopped taking it. It was difficult to deal with in addition to low libido and...
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    Dubya_B Lab Results

    Some older stuff from early 2000s. Low FSH is a common theme.
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    Dubya_B Lab Results

    Rhein 24 Hour Urinary Steroid Assay (shows low 5-alpha reduced cortisol metabolite 5a-THF) 24hr Rheins urine analysis provides measurements of THF (tetrahydrocortisol) and 5a-THF (allo-tetrahydrocortisol), and the ratio of 5a-THF to THF ( ie: 5a-THF / THF ) follows the 5alpha reductase...
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    Dubya_B Lab Results

    Semen Analysis in May 2010 had many aberrations with borderline low fertility Testicular Ultrasound from April 2010 was normal
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    Dubya_B Lab Results

    February and March 2010
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    Dubya_B Lab Results

    My labwork: *************************************************************************************** ************************************************************************************** 7/22/2011 at 8:40 am. I had not taken any drugs or supplements that have any hormonal effects for over 6...
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    Genome-Wide Association Study of Post-Accutane Syndrome

    Genome-Wide Association Study and post-Accutane Symptom Profile: The administrators of and are collaborating on a community-driven genome-wide association study (GWAS) of sufferers of persistent post-drug side-effects from Accutane, Propecia and SSRIs. This is...
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    Wanted to share these studies describing CRISPR systems that use deactivated CAS9 to induce epigenetic changes. No one can say that it can't be done, or that it hasn't been done yet, any longer! Thanks to axolotl over at propeciahelp for finding these: H.-K. Liao et al., “In Vivo Target Gene...
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    @flynn Flynn! Where have you been, how have you been, man?

    @flynn Flynn! Where have you been, how have you been, man?
  17. Dubbya_B Now Welcoming PAS Members is now welcoming PAS and PSSD patients as new members. The symptom profile of many of us with post-Accutane syndrome is nearly identical to the core symptom profile of Post-Finasteride Syndrome and overlaps with the sexual and anhedonic symptoms common in...
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    Lab Results

    Did the doctor have no comment regarding the CBC results!? It almost looks like he has some type of anemia.
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    Are Sexual Side Effects Now Listed in All EU Countries?

    Last year, the European Medicines Agency determined that "Problems getting or maintaining and erection and lower libido" was to be added to the product information leaflet for isotretinoin/Accutane. Could members from Europe please state if the manufacturers are following this guideline in...
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    Dubbya_B Test Results

    Rhein 24-HR Urinary Steroid Hormone Profile (Nov 2010) All units are micrograms/24hrs ( in 2525mL volume ) TEST RESULTS REFERENCE RANGE Estrone (E1) 9.0 3-12 Estradiol (E2) 3.5 0-7 Estriol (E3) 6.7 1-16 Total...