Accutane must have stunted my growth!!??


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Mar 13, 2018
pretty sure this stuff stunted my growth!!!!!!!!!! I'm way shorter than my two brothers. feel like i haven't grown much at all since i was on accutane in high school. my hands/finger/feet also seem small/underdeveloped for an adult. Could be placebo but i was big for my age back in school. then took this stuff now I'm short/small for my age. short than my dad and brothers but same height as my mom.

I swear this is super rare for males to be the same height as mother when they have a taller dad. I've read other accounts on Facebook groups of mothers reporting that their sons growth plates fused after taking accutane!!! one case mother had X-rays before and after accutane the growth plates of both her sons literally shut when they were around 14/15 from accutane. i think one of her sons had like an inch of growth left.

anyone else noticed this??? i know its pretty useless to talk about as there is nothing that can be done. but its a fckkkedd up side effect for an acne drug. this article shows that retinoid acid which is increased when you take accutane can fuck up bone growth


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Mar 10, 2018
Same here man, the first time I took iso when I was 15, I had extreme bone pain. In my back and in my knees. I never grew much taller after that.
During my 2nd course, my thumb started clicking ( and it does even now 3 years later) . This fucking drug fucks every thing up.
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Mar 10, 2018
Prescribing this stuff around puberty is just about the worst thing doctors can do - absolutely criminal.

Might be worth getting HGH (growth hormone) levels checked. There are some things that increase growth hormone levels like deer antler velvet. Could be worth some research.
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Feb 28, 2018
I think HGH is only worth considering if you are still in your puberty years and X-rays confirm the plates are still open, as once the growth plates fuse, no further growth is possible irrespective of growth hormone levels. That said, if the plates are not fully fused. Using exogenous growth hormone would be a good idea to maximise whatever growth you have left.

This sounds crazy, but there is actually a way to overcome this side effect. However its risky, expensive and painful but its always nice to know you have options right?

There are many people who use limb lengthening cosmetically to increase height/stature. There are limits though, for each section of the leg, you can only lengthen up to a point, before you risk significantly reducing the athletic ability of your legs. Also the more you lengthen, the more likely you will incur persisting side effects like joint pain, knee/hip problems etc.
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