Anyone tried Hair test supplementation ( ARL/TEI ,etc ) ?


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Mar 10, 2018
Gbolduev on hack stastis says it is the cure for PFS and PSSD people. Has anyone tried this route? I am not able to get this ( and neither R andro ) in my country. If you are able to obtain an ARL/ TEI hair test and subsequently their recommended supplementations, PLEASE try it. According to Gbolduev it takes 150 USD. It will have no side effects and even if it doesn't get cured, it will atleast improve body health. According to Gbolduev, many have been cured by this protocol - scenes, herrfisch, raincoast, orion, and more. Go to hackstasis and see the thread 'Electrolyte protocol for improved health'.
Please try this if you can. Information is essential, even if this protocol doesn't work, that's critically important information too.

P.S - Humble reminder for people to try RU too.