GABA-A Agonists


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Feb 28, 2018
So this set of supplements depends largely upon the root causes of PAS which we know is still a matter of debate.

If PAS truly is related to PFS, its possible that GABA-A agonist may benefit some PAS side effects. Altering the activity of 5AR can lead to changes in the production of important neurosteroids such as Allopregnanolone, the activity of some of these neurosteroids involve the stimatulation of GABA-A receptors in the brain. Thus people with PFS and PAS may have a deficiency of GABA-A receptor activation. Given this, supplementing with GABA-A agonist may be helpful. People with PFS certainly report big improvements when they take GABA-A agonists such as valium or alcohol (ethanol).

I will update this list as I don't have time right now:

GABA-A Agonists:

Diazepam/Valium - Fairly easy to get, valium will make you sleepy the first few times you use it. After you build a degree of tolerance, the sedative effects of valium are reduced. From personal experience, these certainly make me feel better/more relaxed. But of course, I'm sure they make everyone feel the same way. BE careful with valium though, as its easy to build a dependence to it. Especially if you have anxiety, there are better treatment options for anxiety.
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