I did the Vitamin A elimination diet for 2 years, and it didn't work

Sep 1, 2021
Took isotretinoin for 8 months in 2014-2015. Dose was 100mg a day. After that followed a gradual worsening of my symptoms which today, many years later is still present and in many ways I'm worse than ever.

I just recently quit (1 month ago) the low VA diet, because I felt like it was insane to keep on doing it so strict, when the results didn't really justify all the hard work. Got barely any results at all, really.

In hindsight, IMO its just really another (restrictive) diet on par with paleo, low carb, carnivore, veganism etc. Do I think VA is needed to be healthy? No. Do I think retinoic acid is toxic? Yeah. But I also don't think that "detoxing" VA, by restricting all foods with VA, is the right approach to deal with this. Only when there is acute VA toxicity I see the potential use of this, and that's also described in the literature.

I really believed this would cure me of PAS (assuming I have it), and I really gave it my all. It was not the only thing I did of course, but it was my main focus.
I could probably write more, but frankly don't have much motivation or care for it, just wanted to give an heads up as it seems the low VA diet is getting more popular these days (but I've not seen many success stories though, they just say keep grinding because its a multi-year process etc).

I´m not saying the low VA diet won't work for anybody else, it just didn't work for me, and I don't think I need to empty my liver and body stores of VA to fix my problem. IMO it is more important to look at the damage done by accutane and try to fix that, whether it be hormonally, gut dysbiosis or whatever
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