lab results

Mar 20, 2019

Total testosterone: 580 ng/dl
Free testosterone: 11.3 pg/ml
Pregnenolone: 117ng/dl
Dihydrotestosterone: 23ng/dl
T4: 1.58 ng/dl
DHEA sulfate: 295.2 ug/dl
Cortisol: 17.3 ug/dl
TSH: 1.090 uIU/ml
Estradiol: 11.9 pg/ml
Prostate specific antigen: 1.3 ng/ml
T3: 3.5 pg/ml
Sex hormone binding globulin: 38.9 nmol/l

I took accutane for a year in high school the doses I do not remember but they would increase every 3 months.

ALSO worth mentioning: I tested DHT 2 months before this and had 35 ng/dl but was taking niacinamide at 500 mgs daily.

***the full hormone panel I was taking no supplements for the sake of "baseline levels"

I have very similar side effects to Colinboko such as:
Memory loss (short term)
Low libido (used to be a maniac)
No spontaneous erections (used to happen very often)
No morning wood (used to have every morning)
No muscle wasting (but have not gained since)
Dry eyes
Back pain
Joint pain/cracking
Depression (used to be a very happy person)
Suicidal thoughts (never had thoughts before accutane)
Mar 20, 2019
Thanks for sharing Alex. Did you ever managed to get FSH and LH measured?
I’m am going for my first check up this Wednesday with my general practitioner since I switched from my pediatrician. I will see if he can refer me to an endo so I don’t have to pay much out of pocket and look more extensively into LH/FSH/progesterone and vitamins.