Melamine Plate


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Apr 12, 2019
1.Description of melamine salad plates
Price: 0.59USD
MOQ: 3100 PCS
This product is salad plate, used for putting fruit salad, vegetable salad, chicken salad and so on. Use a special salad plate, which is clean and hygienic. It will taste different when mixed with other things, so it has to be distinguished. The salad plate is light, the size is not large, and the price is low.
2.Product Application scenarios
1) Serve beef
2) Serve The streaky
3) Pork neck
4) Serve fish
5) Serve other salads
3.Are the melamine tableware safe?
In fact, the melamine tableware is not toxic. It is widely used in fast food industry and children's catering industry for its light weight, beauty and unbreakable properties. As we have learned, the tableware of this kind of material accords with national food sanitation standard and American FDA sanitation standard, became the first selection of consumer in recent years so.
However, one of the ingredients of melamine is melamine, so many people say that this melamine is not the culprit of the sanlu milk powder poisoning incident before it? That melamine tableware should be poisonous. About this problem, actually eligible close amine tableware, want correct use only is avirulent, safe.
4.How to choose melamine tableware
Screen from the appearance, general high quality melamine tableware, smooth surface, good gloss, bright and beautiful patterns, etc. And inferior close amine tableware not only not smooth, glossiness is poor, color is dark, design is not clear outside wait, what test is everybody discern ability.

1) Although the melamine tableware is not easy to be broken, it is still easy to be damaged, such as the dividing plate and the tableware with special shape (complex shape), so please pay attention to the storage and cleaning.
2) Do not bake directly on the fire. Do not use the microwave oven or oven.
3) Cooking is strictly prohibited, and micro-cracks will appear within three months at most.
4) It is forbidden to use bleach and corrosive cleaning products. High concentration will erode the surface of tableware, make tableware yellow and affect the service life of tableware.
5) Can't use steel wire ball and other hard objects to scrub, to prevent surface abrasion after the deposit of stains, it is appropriate to use tableware cleaner with soft gauze scrub.
6) Use normal temperature - 30 ℃ ~ 120 ℃, in the process of use and disinfection to heated evenly, steam sterilization time shoulds not be more than 5 minutes, pressure does not exceed 0.5 KGF/cm, using electronic disinfection cabinet, tableware don't close to the heating tube, is suitable in the dishwasher, uv and ozone disinfection disinfection in the cupboard.
7) In the use of dishwasher cleaning and disinfection, should avoid the strong collision between tableware, so as to avoid damage, melamine chopsticks had better not dishwasher cleaning.
8) In the process of daily use, pay attention to avoid too serious impact on tableware, so that there are gaps in the edge of tableware or small cracks in tableware that are not easy to be found. In the process of re-use, if high temperature is encountered, it is easy to burst (especially in the melamine water cup).Melamine Plate