My mental side effects from Accutane


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Mar 28, 2018
Just thought I would vent here & get down all of the mental side effects that I've noticed after taking Accutane, so I could correlate with others, and use it as a point of reference for when I go through with all the recovery programs on here.

Firstoff... Dopamine? In this Society?
Haha, jokes aside... after taking Accutane, dopamine is a rare/nonexistent commodity in my life. I rarely feel the spike of happiness & dopamine you get from good things. If i do feel "happy" It's like 1/4 of what I used to feel, y'know? And while that's livable, I guess, it still always has me begging for more. Everything got emotionally numbed down so so much. It feels like I'm living my life in limbo, sometimes. When I laugh, I don't get that Spike of happiness and dopamine rushing to my brain. I I don't feel anything when I laugh. I remember how happy I used to be before Accutane, always laughing, joking around and having a wonderful life doing so. I don't let the fact that I don't get any dopamine from laughing stop me from making jokes and being myself, but I would trade anything in the world to feel that feeling again.

I'm rarely actually.. sad? Though? It's hard to feel strong emotions either way since I took Accutane, it's hard to cry, and and it's hard to feel happy.
Sometimes I consider this limbo state of emotional numbness to be a fate worse then just having depression but being able to also feel happy sometimes. I don't have that choice, it's just feel not very happy nor not very sad. It's like the same cloudy day over and over, if you get bored of it you know? You want more Spice in your life, you wanna deeply sob, you wanna feel overwhelmed with happiness. That doesn't happen for me. It's just like being able to feel 1/4 of either emotion..

Another emotion that's hard to feel is anxiety, or pressure. I seem to have much less fear of death, danger, and risk. I fear nothing. Again, my mental will stops me from do anything stupid are letting myself fail though, because I'm determined as fuck to get through life.

Love is harder to feel, as well, but that just goes with the lack of in my brain. I still am a very loving and caring person.

Thank you so much for reading my log!
Talking about your problems makes you feel better. Music helps a lot too..
I will update all of you on my progress on going through with the recovery programs on here! (Refer to my first log)
Love you all, I believe in all of you!
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