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Apr 12, 2019
Product Description
Chemical Name Phosphorylethanolamine
Synonyms O-Phosphorylethanolamine
2-Aminoethyl dihydrogen phosphate;
Colamine Acid Phosphate;
Colaminephosphoric acid
CAS No. 1071-23-4
Appearance White to almost white crystal powder
pH 3.0-4.0
Loss on drying NMT 1.0%
Description Phosphoethanolamine (PE) is a phosphomonoester metabolite of the phospholipid metabolism. PE is a precursor of phospholipid synthesis and a product of phospholipid breakdown. Phosphomonoesters are present at much higher levels in brain than in other organs. In developing brain, phosphomonoesters are normally elevated during the period of neuritic proliferation. This also coincides with the occurrence of normal programmed cell death and synaptic pruning in developing brain. These findings are consistent with the role of phosphomonoesters in membrane biosynthesis. PE shows a strong structural similarity to the inhibitory neurotransmitter, GABA, and the GABAB receptor partial agonist, 3-amino-propylphosphonic acid. PE is a phosphomonoester which is decreased in post-mortem Alzheimer's disease (AD) brain.
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