Some Recovery/Progress - Update Log 1


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Mar 28, 2018
Hello everybody it's been a long long time since I last posted , and I've gone through lots of changes.

I've actually stopped supplementation of nootropics because I noticed for a while that it did : numbed my brain and made me more foggy. I'm now super careful with what supplements I take nowadays because I find that a lot of stuff makes me more fuzzy and feel worse. I know that's a really broad statement but I've gone really light on supplementation and I feel like that's helped.

I feel much better I guess nowadays , though I still feel like I'm missing that Spike of joy that I should be feeling when I laugh or flirt with people. Seems like manic depression, yknow?

I have times where I feel pretty okay but I know I could be doing better.
I don't have those random boners that you'd expect from a teen but:

One thing that I noticed help to me in terms of erection is L-Arginine and L-Citrulline and combined with Pine Bark Extract.

These babies increase Nitride Oxide flow, which is blood flow to the dick.
One time I remember I took 5x of these 1g pills of these guys in pill form and became super hard, even after I came! Woa. I'm def gonna try to rack up money for these boys in pill form for before sex: <---

For actual feelings during masturbation:
I feel pretty happy, I feel the euphoria. Not crazy but it's there.

Another thing is red Korean ginseng.
It really seemed to help some, even before L-Arginine

I really recommend taking that stuff up there.

With these two things along with quitting porn I feel like I've improved significantly.
For real, quitting porn helped a lot.
Changing my life mindset and becoming more spiritual with my Christianity has helped. (Sorta a, he's leading me on the right path here/When I die Im gonna be 100% happy again) But anyways..

Nowadays I just take vitamin D supplements and Zinc.

I'm still not certain if I was affected by Accutane or to what degree, I try not to label myself as having a condition because it's just going to make me not have any confidence in myself.

I still keep this form in mind and all of my documented stuff , I'm just 18 right now so like I don't have the funds to to really invest in a lot of these recovery plans but I'm planning on the Rock Simpson Oil path when I have more money.

I'm also planning on the liver/bile clearing regiment:

If that doesn't help, maybe some more supplementation again?
Finasteride route is super scary, considering it as a last ditch plan!
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