The difference between Accutane and Vitamin A

Mar 20, 2019
So I have a new theory as to why we experience PAS. Vitamin A plays a huge role in the body especially forming various steroids. So if you look at the steroid hormone chart I linked below and do some research on vitamin A you will see that Vitamin A is responsible for many enzymatic processes in the body to name some of them 3 beta hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase converts pregnenolone into progesterone this same enzyme also converts DHEA in androstenedione. Another enzyme which Vitamin A in it's NATURAL FORM is responsible for creating is 17 alpha hydroylase which converts pregnenolone into DHEA. I happen to think that we should not be taking something which does not pass through our liver like it is meant to if obtained through natural sources such as beef, animal liver, sweet potatoes and many other sources from food. I think and mind you this is just a theory that Accutane may block Vitamin A or make us require much greater amounts post treatment. Not only does our body have such high doses of accutane but a form of vitamin A that is foreign which i think causes damage. Because anything in excess will cause damage but the only problem is that the liver is not there to buffer that process. Im going to experiment with eating more Vitamin A as maybe the answer is to reverse engineer this whole process and return to homestasis. I will update here in a few months of doing so and let you guys know if I notice symptoms worsen or get better. Mind you I don't think Vitamin a alone will cure us it's just a part of the equation.

Below are two links
Hormone cascade chart:

Different forms of vitamin A.... made in a lab vs food sources:

Another two links on the hormonal effects of Accutane
study 1:
study 2:

To end this post I want to say that I think that multiple studies show accutane messes with several steroid enzymes in our body. The effect of this manifests in many of our side effects which is most likely the result of cortisol and estrogen having nothing to oppose them and fight stressors which is what all of these hormones such as pregnenolone, allopregnenolone, testosterone, dhea, dht, progesterone, androstenedione all end up doing is protecting us from stress and helping us thrive.

Thanks for reading and have a great day everyone! Much love